Delivering experiential learning for the future of work
Preparing for new opportunities in the digital world
Providing the foundation to help students achieve their potential

10 schools across Northern Ireland

300 students learning to change the world

70 teachers redefining the educational experience

100 students experiencing #MWC19 in Barcelona

What People Are Saying

“The best thing that has happened in education in Northern Ireland for 20 years.”

Peter Dobbin, Principal, Assumption Grammar School

“mTech – best CPD ever provided in Northern Ireland for school principals. I’m enjoying it very much and learning so much from the private sector leads @PwC @GrantThorntonUK. Keep it coming as it’s what school leaders need.”

Elizabeth Huddleson, Principal, Bangor Grammar School

“The Department of Education welcomes this exciting and innovative initiative. The connection between industry and education is key, and the opportunity to have our young people from Northern Ireland experience the life-changing learnings at Mobile World Congress makes this program unique. The Department looks forward to working with the mTech.Academy team as the education system in Northern Ireland continues to respond positively to the challenges of a new digital world.”

Tommy O’Reilly, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Northern Ireland Department of Education

mTech.Academy showcases what school could be like if we introduce experiential learning for the future of work.