Delivering experiential learning for the future of work
Preparing for new opportunities in the digital world
Providing the foundation to help students achieve their potential

15 schools across Northern Ireland

450 students learning to change the world

75 teachers redefining the educational experience


100 students at an international industry showcase

What People Are Saying

“The best thing that has happened in education in Northern Ireland for 20 years.”

Peter Dobbin, Principal, Assumption Grammar School

“One of the most important things I learned is that you can solve many things by looking deeper into the problem and creating different outcomes of solutions. Working together as a team can definitely help break down the problem and create the solution that is needed.”

mTech.Academy Student

“The mTech.Academy experience has been fantastic. The pupils have committed themselves to staying after school every week. The pupil voice of the programme has spread throughout the college, and I have been approached by other pupils seeking to join.”

Michael Carville, Head of Regent House Grammar School

mTech.Academy showcases what school could be like if we introduce experiential learning for the future of work.