Future of Technology

01 February, 2019

Our lives in the coming decade will be characterised by two dominant technology trends: massive connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI).

5G networks will offer unprecedented speeds (10 Gbps) and nearly instantaneous response times (less than 1 millisecond latency). 5G will enable a vast array of services, including immersive entertainment experiences, remote surgery and innovative smart cities. These ultra-fast networks will also support the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), with 1 million devices and sensors in every square kilometre generating an unprecedented volume of big data.  

AI will use this big data to provide consumers with highly contextualised and personalised experiences, delivered exactly when needed, augmenting every aspect of their daily lives. For industry, AI will enhance efficiency and productivity, using machine learning to automate both blue-collar and white-collar jobs, with the first impacts being felt in sectors such as manufacturing, transport and logistics, hospitality and retail.

The combination of these two critical technology trends is ushering in a new era of ‘Intelligent Connectivity’.