The holistic mTech.Academy programme provides a project-based, technology-centric curriculum that addresses the specific requirements of students, teachers and head teachers, preparing them for new opportunities in the digital world.

The programme is designed to:

  • Mobilise students to experience life-changing learning in a real-world environment
  • Create a movement amongst educators to revolutionise the education system
  • Mentor head teachers on the endless possibilities enabled by digital technology


Providing students greater understanding of leading-edge technology

Building awareness of exciting career opportunities in STEAM

  • 10 teaching sessions
  • Smart Cities Challenge
  • Communication & media training
  • 100 students attending #MWC19 Barcelona


Empowering teachers to influence departmental and career plans

Forging stronger industry links for career advocacy

Grant Thornton – Leadership and Change

  • 6 twilight sessions
  • 24 contact hours

mTech.Academy Partners – Careers Awareness

  • 6 twilight sessions
  • 24 contact hours

Head Teachers

Creating a community of mTech.Academy head teachers

Equipping leaders to shape school development plans

PwC – Leadership in the Digital World

  • 10 sessions each
  • 80 contact hours
  • 3 dedicated one-to-one sessions
  • 2 days of work shadowing